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Is a musical work created from the fusion of different cultures, preparation processes, and philosophy of a Mexican art group.


The Wixarika* - guardians of the sacred lands of the Wirikuta Desert and carriers of an ancient tradition full of magic, art, and spirituality - are a corner stone of this fusion; * and through the musical ensemble **Niwetzika, they tell stories in their native language and playing native instruments about pilgrimages to their ceremonial centers.


Anawak, who has been known for collecting and disseminating native songs from Mexico and North America, now tells us - through its songs in Spanish – about its own vision and experiences regarding some parts of the Wixarika way.


Alejandro Colavita, a contemporary musician and academic composer, accompanies and weaves these stories through acoustic and electronic instruments as if he was building a bridge between the modern and the ancient world.


Wirikuta is the first out of five Wixarika ceremonial centers—the birthplace of Father Sun, where rain and peyote medicine are born from the footprints of Tamatsi Paritsika (white-tailed deer).


Walking to Wirikuta is the expression of an inner journey occurring while visiting the sacred points of the Wixarika world.


* Huicholes, an ethnic group of northern Mexico


** Five-color corn

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In the old days the Land of Anawak covered from Alaska to Nicaragua. Therefore, —after years of study, experience and research into the ethnic singings of some peoples of these regions— Anawak "Native Tribal Music" takes this name. In Nahuatl means "the place where the four waters are generated".
As the four waters, Four Eagles ("Cuatro Águilas") represent the four colors of human races, the four cardinal points and the natural elements which are essential for our existence.
The flight of these four eagles originated from Aztlán shall fly through the skies around continents, trying to unify the heart of the living, allowing the power of these rhythms to penetrate into their environment. May the force of the eagles arouse our vision to find our dreams and the clearness to make better every step through our path on the Earth, forging in us the respect for life and nature.
May the freedom through which the eagles spread their heart while they devote themselves to the sky, to write a page in History and then… May the Earth Remain!

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The purpose of these folk songs is to transmit spiritual healing. These songs have traveled through time, and we share them now so they can continue their journey through time and around the world as a simple reminder of a peaceful life. PRIMER SOL was established as homage to our ancestors. It reminds us of where we come from, seeking to unify all the people of the world. After all, everything that our ancestors left behind, including music, is for all humanity to enjoy. As humans we have much to improve. We need to direct our thoughts towards a path of positivity. We must leave behind all that would limit us, cleansing, transforming, and making way for our rebirth.
PRIMER SOL represents the arrival of a new era for humanity, a new dawn. It is the joy of being alive, of experiencing new hope, of starting anew after a long and dark night. It is the light we will see during our rebirth.


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