In this time of great necessity of quest for humans, both internal and external, there are ways involving a great value: The Art and the Spiritual Way.

Our ancestors traveled these ways as part of their daily life. Some of the knowledge they have inherited us in this regard after generations is expressed in the ceremonial singings and dances, as well in different practices as traditional medicine and ancient cosmogony have still until today.

The ceremonial singings, besides being beautiful for their hearing, are also considered as medicine singings due to their favorable impact that they can provoke in us, since they expand the conscience to meet again our origins and our personal identity, while starts to germinate a seed of respect towards the Earth and towards the different life forms.

We transmit these singings to the whole world, as well as part of the wealth and the spiritual message that have been kept during several generations in the Land of Anawak.

The ceremonial singings are direct bonds that join us together with the Great Spirit, the universe, the creation and with the animal, vegetable and human world. Most of the singings are ancient chantings that have survived after generations; therefore it is common that they send us out of time. Such sacred singings immediately open us the doors so that our essence can flow and hence our heart is opened. Most of them are in native languages, or either Spanish or even guttural.